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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Tommy Cooper , Eric Sykes , Jimmy Edwards , Roy Castle , Graham Stark , Stratford Johns , Jim Dale , Jimmy Tarbuck , Hattie Jacques , Rex Garner , Libby Morris , John Junkin , Joan Young , Barney Gilbraith , Clovissa Newcombe
Director: Eric Sykes
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1967
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (417 votes)

Classic short British comedy, full of stars, about two workmen delivering planks to a building site. This is done with music and a sort of “wordless dialogue” which consists of a few mumbled sounds to convey the appropriate emotion.

Film Review

A film such as this shows that something can be funny without resorting to swearing to get a laugh. Also showing in the process that you don’t even need to speak to have a giggle. Question: What is the most basic joke on the planet? Answer: Someone slips on a banana skin. For if you have no language, then the joke is funny the world over. This is the reason why characters such as Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin’s tramp are universally popular and why performers like Jerry Lewis and Norman Wisdom are so adored in the countries of France and Albania respectively, when they can’t speak a word of Albanian or French.The Plank is a master class in comedy from Messrs Sykes and Cooper. The timing is impeccable throughout and their constant fight not only with the legendary plank but also with their car and all manner of obstacles is hilarious.The cameos are never-ending: Jimmy Edwards, Roy Castle, Jimmy Tarbuck, Hattie Jacques, Bill Oddie! The list goes on and on! One major thin…

The Plank by Eric Sykes is one of my favourite Comedy Shorts so I was very glad when I found that a DVD version was available – that is until I actually bought one with the intention of replacing my ageing copy of The Plank on VHS tape.Unfortunately I found the DVD was not the version I had gotten used to and despite having Eric Sykes and Jimmy Edwards repeating their TV roles, this DVD seems to be aimed at a cinema audience with an IQ of zero since the film Tittles are accompanied by a stupid laughter sound track which is both overbearing and unnecessary but seems to have been added in case people didn't know they were about to watch a comedy.The DVD is clearly based on the the same script as the TV version available on VHS Cassette but there are many small changes which somehow conspire to cause most of the jokes, which are very funny with the VHS cast, to fall flat and as mentioned before, the sound track irritates rather than complements.I find the VHS version to be extremely …