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Genres: Drama , Romance , Western
Actors: Clark Gable , Marilyn Monroe , Montgomery Clift , Thelma Ritter , Eli Wallach , James Barton , Kevin McCarthy , Estelle Winwood
Director: John Huston
Country: United States
Year: 1961
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (9149 votes)

Roslyn divorces Ray in Reno and then meets widower Guido. He likes her but introduces her to cowboy Gay, and those two fall in love. When she learns that Gay, Guido and Perce are going to turn wild horses (“misfits”) into dog food, she protests.

Film Review

This is one of the most strangely beautiful movies I've ever seen. The opening credits, with its uncertain, uneasy score by Alex North, sets the tone. The modernist, Matisse-like puzzle pieces that won't fit each other sets the theme. This ain't gonna be no cowboy movie and it sure ain't gonna be no comedy (despite the categorization by IMDb, even the "comic relief" scenes are immersed in pathos). The Misfits, directed by John Huston (The Maltese Falcon, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, Wise Blood, et al.), stars Clark Gable and Marylin Monroe–both in their last movies before they died–and Montgomery Clift, soon to be another Hollywood tragedy. The story and screenplay were written by Arthur Miller (The Crucible), who was married to Monroe at the time, and had her in mind for the role of Roslyn. Monroe certainly gives the performance of her career, and Gable, although panned by critics at the time, does as well. He called his performance his bes…

I don't get the deal with this movie. I fell asleep twice as I tried with all of my energy to get through it. Monroe sleep walks through the picture, she appears bloated and drugged and a little to old to be playing the constant "Show girl" act. The romance between her and Gable is laughable, he was way to old to be playing a leading man role here, it would have made more sense to have Monty Clift in that role and perhaps a young Steve Mcqueen in Clift's role. Thelma Ritter always shines and she is really the only bright spot in the film. The on location filming is a bonus as it was rare for studios to go on location at that time. The quality of the remastered DVD is excellent but the story is SO slow and SO unbelievable that I just found it odd and rather contrived. I hear Monroe made it a living hell for the rest of the cast and crew on this film as she was always late, drugged and unprofessional. I have never found her to be that great of an actress to begin wit…

At least, we may say that Clark Gable ended his career in a part that was meant for him. He was a rugged individualist trying desperately to hold on to his male identity. As his newly suppressed girlfriend, Marilyn Monroe had plenty of moments and it can be said that she exited this life proving that she could act.This story of a wander lust among several people is ironic since the 1960's was known for this as well as conflict. Yet by the end of the decade, 4 stars of the film, Gable, Monroe, Montgomery Clift and Thelma Ritter were all gone.Ritter was as folksy here as ever. Nevada seemed to be the land for her and the rest of the cast to settle in as it represented that wandering lust for all. Dittor for Monty Clift, who, the idealist and at a same time, pragmatist, laments the sudden death of his father and how his life turned out when his mother remarried 3 months later. As always, surviving character, Eli Wallach presents an interesting person here. Giving up a medical career…