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Genres: Drama , Horror , Mystery
Actors: Jodie Foster , Martin Sheen , Alexis Smith , Mort Shuman , Scott Jacoby , Dorothy Davis , Clesson Goodhue , Hubert Noël , Jacques Famery , Mary Morter , Julie Wildman
Director: Nicolas Gessner
Country: Canada, United States, France
Year: 1976
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (5794 votes)

Rynn Jacobs is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives in a secluded house that she and her father have rented in a quiet seaside community. But whenever anybody from the town tries to satisfy their curiosity, Rynn’s father is never around, and it seems as if the girl is all alone. Rynn’s resourcefulness is put to the test as several people try to find out what she might be hiding, including the snobby landlady and her sleazy son.

Film Review

I suspect not too many know about this rather small, but very interesting movie, set in a small community on the Maine coast. It came out the same year as 'Taxi Driver' and maybe that is why it received scant attention.Jodie Foster, 13, was already quite a veteran of TV and movies. Here she is Rynn, living alone with her reclusive poet father, in the house down the lane. But is she really? Or does she live alone, and why should anyone care?The bad guy here is Martin Sheen, already in his mid-30s but looking like 25, as Frank Hallet. He is the son of the real estate lady who gave Rynn and her dad a 3-year, paid-in-full lease, but there are whispers in the community, Frank might be a pervert. In an early scene, Halloween night, Frank is a bit spooky as he visits Rynn and asks lots of questions, touching her in a perhaps inappropriate way.Other key characters are Mort Shuman as Miglioriti , the local police. And Scott Jacoby as teen Mario, an amateur magician with a limp. He an…

This is a psychological thriller starring Jodie Foster as a young girl, Jody Bryan, living alone in her father's house; all the while convincing everyone that her notable poet father is absent on a business trip to Paris, although actually he has died of cancer. Jody's landlord Mrs. Hallet(Alexis Smith)becomes suspicious of the girl always being alone. Mrs. Hallet,who is also on the school board, frowns on the self-taught girl not going to public school. Meanwhile Mrs. Hallet's pedophile son Frank(Martin Sheen)tries his best to have his way with the nubile Jody. The local law enforcer Mr. Miglioriti(Mort Shuman)comes to the house questioning the disappearance of Mrs. Hallet and in doing so really suspects the young girl is lying about her father. Before Frank Hallet can successfully rape Jody…he too will come up missing. The very self-sufficient little girl who lives down the lane will finally end up needing some help from a young boy near her own age played by Scott …