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Genres: Biography , Drama
Actors: Naomie Harris , Tony Kgoroge , Oliver Litondo , Sam Feuer , Nick Reding , Vusi Kunene , Emily Njoki , John Sibi-Okumu , Israel Makoe , Dan ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki , Shoki Mokgapa , Ainea Ojiambo , Kamau Mbaya , Mumbi Kaigwa , Lydia Gitachu
Director: Justin Chadwick
Country: United Kingdom, United States, Kenya
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (1561 votes)

Set in a mountain village in Kenya the film tells the remarkable true and uplifting story of a proud old Mau Mau veteran who is determined to seize his last chance to learn to read and write – and so ends up joining a class alongside six year-olds. Together he and his young teacher face fierce resistance, but ultimately they win through – and also find a new way of overcoming the burdens of the colonial past.

Film Review

I just saw this film, yesterday, at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival.I think this is the first time that I can say that a film has had a profound affect upon me. It's a fantastic story, and what makes it all the more amazing, as confirmed by Justin Chadwick at the festival, everything you see in the film is true and actually happened.I am not ashamed to admit that I was moved to tears, and these were not tears of joy. Emotionally, this is a heavyweight amongst films.The film also left me not being very proud to be British. It covers, in flash back, a part of our history that I am sure most of my fellow countrymen would wish had never happened.I would strongly recommend that every Britain and every Kenyan watches this film. It will move them all to tears, and teach us all lessons we should not forget for the future.If you do go to watch it, take plenty of handkerchiefs. You'll need them!

We take for granted that everyone in this country is entitled to an education. We especially can appreciate it when we see it through the eyes of eager children trying to learn the their ABCs in a dusty one room class room in Kenya where the government has decreed, for the first time, the right of everyone to be educated. We are taken to a new level of appreciation when we see it from the point of view of an 85 year old man Kimani Ng'ang'a Maruge (Oliver Musila Litondo) who is determined to join this class and get the education he never had and learn to read. This is based a true story of a man who became a national hero in Kenya and a symbol of the universal desire for education as his quest ultimately brought the real Maruge from his country village to address the United Nations. However important this theme may be, there also was another story going on here. This proud man had been part of Kikuyu tribe, which produced the Mau-Mau rebellion, which ultimately led to the Ken…