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Genres: Family , Comedy , Sci-Fi
Actors: Kurt Russell , Cesar Romero , Joe Flynn , Jim Backus , William Windom , Michael McGreevey , Richard Bakalyan , Joyce Menges , Alan Hewitt , Kelly Thordsen , Bing Russell , George O’Hanlon , John Myhers , Pat Delaney , Robert Rothwell
Director: Robert Butler
Country: United States
Year: 1972
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (630 votes)

A chemistry student invents a spray that makes its wearer invisible. A crook finds out about it, and plans to steal it for himself.

Film Review

Silly Disney film about a college student who accidentally discovers a potion that makes things invisible. Not a bad idea and some of the special effects are pretty good. Still, the script is VERY bad…all the jokes flop and the acting is lousy. Everybody’s trying to be funny and they’re not. A real boring, stupid Disney film. But it was fun seeing Kurt Russell so young.

This comical tale is an example of what Saturday matinee movies used to be like. Don’t be dismayed if you think this is for science fiction lovers only, it’s got some great laughs, fine acting, surprisingly good special effects and a hugely enjoyable story. Great performances from the late Cesar Romero and Joe Flynn. Also notable to see a young Kurt Russell in action. Second feature in a trilogy with the same cast.