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Genres: Drama
Actors: Armin Mueller-Stahl , Trevor Morgan , Ray Liotta , Charles Durning , Samantha Mathis , Ron Perlman , Diana Scarwid , Julie Lott , Tom Adams , Nancy Casemore , Taso Papadakis , David Sheftell , David Sosna , Tim Velasquez
Director: George Gallo
Country: United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (609 votes)

A successful artist looks back with loving memories on the summer of his defining year, 1974. A talented but troubled 18-year-old aspiring artist befriends a brilliant elderly alcoholic painter who has turned his back on not only art but life. The two form what appears to be at first a tenuous relationship. The kid wants to learn all the secrets the master has locked away inside his head and heart. Time has not been kind to the old master. His life appears pointless to him until the kid rekindles his interest in his work and ultimately gives him the will to live. Together, they give one another a priceless gift. The kid learns to see the world through the master’s eyes. And the master learns to see life through the eyes of innocence again. This story is based on a real life experience.

Film Review

Local Color is a film to make you feel good about going to the movies. It's designed to make you think and appreciate the moments and people that touch you in your life. It is uplifting and heart-warming and in these times, I believe audiences want a story of hope, regardless of what the major studios seem to think.It's a movie about passion, commitment and following your dreams. John is an eighteen-year old on the cusp of manhood, seeking out his purpose in life and hoping he has the talent to reach his dreams. The movie seems to be about painting, but that is simply the canvas to examine life. It's really about seeking out the beauty in life and expressing it, through art and the relationships we form.Trevor Morgan has a long list of credits, but aside from his childhood role in The Sixth Sense, I was not familiar with his work. I will now be on the lookout for future roles. Perfectly cast, he radiates a subtle empathy and is very engaging and believable as a young man t…

A must see film for people who love good true stories about following ones passions, Too bad that big studios are only about big $ and think that the public does not want to see good movies that don't have the shoot um up, kill, action. I believe people do want to watch movies that inspire people to follow their dreams. As a film maker myself I thank George and his Wife for not giving up. If you are lucky enough to have this film come to your town go see it and tell your friends to see it. Note The big studios said that no one wanted to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who was wrong about that. Not the public.Hang in there George.

Once in a while a film comes along that gives you hope in humanity and in the ability of the film industry to really say something meaningful. George Gallo (Director/Writer) uses the voice of an experienced older man, who is a master artist, to express his feelings to a young artist about his views of life and art, which equals the wisdom of an experienced sage. With lines like, "True art is beautiful," "True art really says something," and "An atheist can't paint true beauty," the movie is filled with profound wisdom. Although Seroff obviously believes in God, he is anything but self-righteous. He drinks vodka and uses profanity to prove a point. Much of his wisdom comes from the loss he has suffered, both from people he loved and the opinions of critics who know nothing truly about life or great art. The young artist, John, is a special soul who knows what he wants to be and is an older soul than his father, who tries to stifle his son's sensiti…