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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Julia Sweeney , Dave Foley , Charles Rocket , Kathy Griffin , Julie Hayden , Timothy Stack , Mary Scheer , Beverly Leech , Larry Hankin , Kathy Najimy , Jerry Tondo , Philip McNiven , Michael Yama , Kiyoko Yamaguchi , Julianne Christie
Director: Adam Bernstein
Country: United States
Year: 1994
IMDB Rating: 2.5/10 (7209 votes)

Pat Riley, an obnoxious busybody of undeterminable sex, meets and falls in love with Chris, a sensitive, caring person also of undeterminable sex. Their relationship suffers because Pat’s a lout, and cannot decide on a direction for its life. Meanwhile, Pat’s neighbor Kyle falls further and further into obsession with Pat, fascinated by its indeterminate sexuality.

Film Review

My dog once wrapped his chain around a tree. I mean he got himself wound right to the trunk. He sat there for a little bit with this stupid dog look on his face. I thought I’d laugh till I cried.My mom has bird feeders. There was a sparrow or a robin or a starling or something eating there when a blue jay flew in and the other bird fell off the feeder. The stupid bird almost hit the ground before it flapped its wings. I mean it almost hit the ground. Damn I laughed.My dog (when he’s not wrapped around a tree) runs to the window and barks at the squirrels in the yard. Now he runs to the TV when there are pictures of squirrels on and barks. I mean he thinks those squirrels are real! I laugh a lot when he does that.But if you think that’s funny, you should see the movie IT’S PAT! I laughed till I peed. I rarely watch the Nature Channel any more to make my dog bark. I mostly tie him out in the yard now. I just play IT’S PAT over and over. I pee a lot these days.

I actually liked the sketch "Pat" on SNL. It was a fresh idea – honestly, how many other "andrognenous character-sketch" routines can you name? It had its limitations, and it sure as hell could have been pushed past the "Pat almost reveals his/her gender but then doesn’t" joke that seems to have been the limit of its humor.So when there was a movie, I thought, "Hey, they’re finally going to push the character beyond the one-joke limit. I like Pat, sure, I’ll like the movie!" Well, I was stunned at how ineptly and poorly executed the whole thing was. The Pat character is immediately portrayed as boorish, intrusive, insensitive, and a host of other undesirable characteristics. Who decided this is what Pat was about? Who thought this would be funny? And how does this relate to the SNL character, anyway? I see no resemblance at all.Even Dave Foley, whom I love and who is well-known for his excellence at portraying long-suffering comic characters, ca…

This movie made me laugh till my stomach hurt and then I got a pounding headache. I've watched it many times. We used to watch it in the 90s, and it's still funny. I read somewhere that Quentin Tarantino had a hand in it but I don't know if it's true. Regardless, Julia Sweeney is hilarious as the obnoxious "Feel sorrier for me!" Pat. It is silly humor mixed with dementedness. Kyle, the neighbor who becomes obsessed with Pat, is creepy and funny at the same time. David Foley as Pat's lover is priceless with that wig bobbing back and forth in his face. If "you like really good movies and hate really bad boring movies" then make sure you see It's Pat. Maybe while lying on a deliciously tan bath mat…