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Genres: Thriller , Mystery , Horror
Actors: Jamie Linck O’Brien , David Ariniello , Candace Scholz , Michelle Babin , Amanda Babin , Jared Harris , Steven Culp , Britt Robertson , Rumer Willis , Margo Harshman , Adam Goldberg , Laura Allen , Kelly Blatz , Thomas Dekker , Elizabeth Rice
Director: Phedon Papamichael
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (3959 votes)

In a small Maryland town, the suicide of an outcast teenager triggers a string of violent suicides. These suicides seem to stem from a curse which spreads when any person, who witnesses the suicide, is possessed by an evil force that appears as the person’s doppelganger that only they can see. A young teenager, named Lindsey, thinks there is a connection of the events to Aidan, the outcast brother of the first suicide case. But Lindsay must race against the clock when she witnesses her mother fall victim, and must try to find a way to stop the curse before it kills her too. Meanwhile the God-fearing townspeople, led by a fanatic preacher with a connection to the events also, form a vigilante group to take the law in their own hands.

Film Review

I often come across people who prefer horror films that happen to have a good story. I, on the other hand, prefer films with a good story that just so happen to be scary. "From Within" is one of the latter. After having watched it, I'm surprised I had never heard of it before. It has a sense of overall quality unique to its class (relatively unknown, made for a Horrorfest).The story is the movie's strongest point, with a plot that throws in appropriate twists without wavering from its core. From beginning to end, it is emotionally engaging and suspenseful. The character development exceeded my expectations as well, along with the performances from the cast. There is violence, but the film never drowns itself in gore. Most of the actual deaths happen just off-screen, giving you just enough build-up to use your imagination.Supernatural horror/thrillers are a dime a dozen, and many of them fall short of expectations. "From Within" stands out among the crowd&…

This movie start with Natalie sitting with her boyfriend Shaun as he reads he kisses Natalie . Natalie believes he wants to have sex with her – until he pulls out a gun and commits suicide.Then see Natali going to father shop covered in blood and tells her someone after and then not soon after she also killed herself.There more people have stared to kill them self in recent days. , Dylan and rest of the town people (who are really religious) think that Aiden's family has got something to do with the recent deaths as he mother used to do witchcraft before she was killed.I really enjoyed this movie, i did find this movie scary but it did have some really creepy scenes, the twist at the end I was like " no way", it was one of those really fast and short twist which i think made it bit more shocking (for me).I really liked this movie, i going give a 8 out of 10

FROM WITHIN – TRASH IT ( D ) From within is one of those movies which makes you think, who wrote it and why? And who put money on it? Who agree to direct that Awful Script and then who agree to act in it? And most important question of all, why the Hell I watched it in 1st place! Well my reason was Thomas Dekker, I think he is decent and sensible actor but after tanking his show (Sarah Conner Chronicles), he doesn't have much choice except doing anything comes along. The biggest surprise is that the movie won awards at Solstice Film Festival for best movie, actor and actress. What a joke I think they didn't have some thing better then this to win! Anyways Elizabeth Rice, Thomas Dekker and Kelly Blatz did fine jobs regardless of a dreadful script! Overall Dreadful Experience!