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Genres: Comedy , Mystery , Crime
Actors: Chevy Chase , Hal Holbrook , Julianne Phillips , R. Lee Ermey , Richard Libertini , Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb , Cleavon Little , George Wyner , Patricia Kalember , Geoffrey Lewis , Richard Belzer , Phil Hartman , Titos Vandis , Don Hood , Dennis Burkley
Director: Michael Ritchie
Country: United States
Year: 1989
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (10348 votes)

Fletch is a reporter for a Los Angeles newspaper, but he acts more like a detective. When an obscure relative leaves him a Louisiana mansion in his will, Fletch is naturally curious. Arriving in Louisiana, events occur that make him suspect that all is not well, and there is more to the property than he has been led to believe. Written by Murray Chapman When Irvin “Fletch” Fletcher inherits “Bell Isle”, a Louisiana estate, he quits his job at the paper and takes off to live like a king. Or so he thinks. But shortly after arrival he has to find out that the palace he expected really looks more like a run-down shabby mansion. In addition, the young and attractive lawyer he takes to bed that night does not wake up the next morning. After being released from prison, Fletch starts investigating about the murder, an enormous sum of money offered for his rather worthless piece of land, about TV priest Jimmy Lee Farnsworth and his Bibleland and about tons of toxic waste on his ground. Additionally, someone is after Fletch with a serious gun pointed at him. But they all underestimated Fletch, whose journalistic instinct always leads him into the right direction – hopefully. Written by Julian Reischl Fletch fans rejoice! The reckless I.M. Fletcher, investigative reporter, returns to the screen. This time, the chameleon-like reporter ventures to Belle Isle, a sprawling 80-acre Louisiana plantation which Fletch inherits from his aunt. Trouble begins when a lovely attorney mysteriously turns up dead, a neighborly lawyer warns him to leave town, and a ravishing real estate agent comes calling with a persistent offer he may not be able to refuse. Fletch must unravel the reasons for the mad land scramble with his trademark bag of hilarious disguises.

Film Review

I absolutely love the original Fletch movie. Chevy is nonstop hilarious in it, and I like the hard boiled detective style.Fletch Lives sucks. Chevy seems tired and bored in it. Also the character feels different. He is less warm and caring towards others. His reactions to some of the bad stuff happening around him is weird. In the first film he wants to do good and help everyone.Nothing like his fast-talking quick witted character from the first movie. The gags come WAY faster and more frequently in the original. Something happened to Chevy from this movie onwards – he always seemed tired and less quick-fire from this movie onwards. The original Fletch and Vacation were Chevy at his utter peak!

This movie for me epitomizes the arrogance of Hollywood. The first Fletch movie was a hit, thanks in large part to the fact that it was a fairly faithful adaptation of the first book in the Fletch series by Gregory MacDonald. The book was a tightly woven, well-plotted mystery in which a smart character solved the crime by buffaloing less clued-in types. However, when time came to make a sequel, the studio decided that none of the other dozen or so Fletch novels would be suitable and so put together a generic comedy mystery with a plot right out of Scooby-Doo. This is dumbed down generic 80s action junk of the worst sort, partially saved by Chevy Chase's deadpan use of the trademark Fletch trick of disguising himself and impersonating people to get information. The gimmick still works, but it's in service of much inferior story, and this simply shouldn't be. A hit book series produces an original hit movie, so why mess with something that works? Simply put, Hollywood stu…