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Genres: Sport , Documentary
Actors: Tyrell Biggs , Larry Holmes , Carl Williams , Muhammad Ali , Rocky Marciano , Gene Tunney , Jack Dempsey , Max Schmeling , Joe Louis , Jim Jacobs , William Cayton , Cus D’Amato , Trevor Berbick , Mike Tyson , Mills Lane
Director: James Toback
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (6162 votes)

Mike Tyson narrates his life story as a reaction to fear and as a resolution not to be bullied or humiliated as he was when a boy in Brooklyn’s mean streets. He starts boxing while at a state detention center; his coach there sends him to Cus D’Amato who becomes trainer, father figure, and confidence builder. Tyson wins a series of championships and, for six years, is unbeatable. A failed marriage, a felony conviction, and lack of training lead to his fall. We see later losing fights and archive footage of other incidents in his life. Tyson concludes by speaking philosophically about being a father and trying to be a better person.

Film Review

It is hard to believe that Mike Tyson was bullied as a young boy. We had known about him since he came into the spotlight as one of the best boxers of his generation. In this amazing documentary by James Toback, we get to know more of the man himself, rather than the persona in the media.Early on, Mike Tyson experienced fear as older guys taunted him in his own neighborhood. His passion at that early stage of his life was to raise pigeons. One day, a boy got hold of one of them and killed the bird senselessly. That incident served as a sort of transformation for Mike Tyson to avenge the slaying of the creature he loved.As he grew up, he joined the gang, beginning a career of robbery and getting into trouble. He came from a broken home. Son of a prostitute that decamped the home as Mike was a young boy, he grew up with a lot of anger. It was not until Tyson found boxing that made his attitude change. Finding a role model and a champion in Cus D'Amato, marked a turn for the boxer a…

Director James Toback's insightful documentary "Tyson" does not pull back any punches on the controversial & eventful life of former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson. The uppercut of this doc is that it investigates its subject matter solely featuring none other than Tyson himself. No one else besides Mike Tyson is featured in documentary disclosures throughout the flick. Tyson is not chicken to disclose his feelings on his contentious life including his: impoverished childhood, boxing mentor, rise to the top, rape conviction, prison experience, Buster downfall, "eary" cannibal craving, drug addiction, and a few more Tysonisms. Toback does not orchestrate the film as a 90-minute Tyson confession to glamorize Mike, but rather as an authentic perspective on a man whose self-centered behaviors knocked him down physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Mike Tyson bio footage revealed throughout the documentary accentuates Mike's revelations of his li…

Whilst this film comes from only Tyson himself, and thus some may say it therefore only contains 'one side' of the story, I would nevertheless like to make some observations about the man…I think the most poignant aspect to Mike and this documentary, is his lack of 'self-preservation'. There is the obvious physical nature to this in that he was a professional boxer and getting a battered comes in the job description.But, I think in terms of a 'reputation' manner he just never learnt to 'play the game'- this naivety is a very child like element of Mike's character (of which people may point out, there are many)… He was/is far too honest about himself for his own good (even going further than the truth to try and shock – see quote of what people expect from him – 'big black n**** who rapes people' etc.), and it enables others to get on their high horse and talk about what an inhumane monster he is.EVERYONE has flaws and those wh…