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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Michael Sarrazin , Norman Burton , Gary Busey , John Durren , Susan Flannery , Harvey Jason , Steven Keats , Tim McIntire , Joanne Nail , J. Pat O’Malley , Tricia O’Neil , Lázaro Pérez , Nicholas Pryor , Vaughn Taylor , Wally Taylor
Director: Charles Bail
Country: United States
Year: 1976
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (1861 votes)

A group of people from different backgrounds have one thing in common: when they hear the world “gumball” whispered by one of the others, they know that it’s time for the Gumball Rally: a no-holds barred, secret, winner-take-all rally across the USA.

Film Review

When you see this you'll immediately notice the similarities to Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run.With Smokey and the Bandit you'll recognize the plot line about the can't catch anyone police detective. He tries and tries but just can't get the dastardly illegal speedsters.This was obviously a first attempt and recreating, on film, the Cannonball Run road race of the early 70's. Imo, this film is a lot funner than the original Cannonball Run film of the early 80's. There are no stars and a lot fast and really cool cars. A lot of the situations in this have 0 plausibility but I think that wasn't a major focus when this was made. The cars are the stars of this film..and there are some seriously cool ones to say the least.There's no doubt that this film influenced the two 2 above mentioned films in this review so if you want a little fun in your day and fast cars are what gets you going', try Gumball Rally and hang on to your seats…It…

Before there was "The Cannonball Run" there’s "The Gumball Rally". This movie here was a lot of fun, it was full of gags and it gives the meaning of the word "coast to coast". There are like 7 teams racing from New York to California, and the police will do anything to put an end to the race. I liked the part when the team member remove the lugnuts on one of the police cars. So when they try to pull out, it just comes up short of a bust. I also liked the part where Raul Juiia’s character plays that cruel gun joke on the victims which the gun looks real it’s actually a water pistol. At first it wasn’t funny, when the water comes out, that’s when everyone starts laughing. The real fun before the race was when he races the toy care all over the woman’s body, to me it’s rather sexual to me and pleasing to my eyes. In the middle, when the guy got pulled over by the guys lead by Julia, he ripped off the steering wheel of the convertible, removes the guys shades…

I remember articles about the movie when it was still being shot. It was supposed to be a light hearted romp across the country with the cars being the stars. With that in mind, it succeeds greatly. My son and I have watched the "Garage Scene" over and over again. This movie is to car nuts what a porno is to sex nuts. It’s hard to believe you can indulge yourself this much in front of the family without feeling guilty. :^) Also, I’ve read a few of the comments and would like to make corrections here. The transmission in the Cobra (yes it was a real 427 Cobra) was a four speed "Toploader" transmission, not a 5 speed Tremec. There were no replica Cobras in those days. Also, the Ferrari was a 365 GTS/4. I also remember reading that the first Ferrari rented for the movie was totaled and they had to get another to take its place. However, that was over 30 years ago.