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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Tia Texada , Derek Luke , Val Kilmer , Jeremie Campbell , Bob Jennings , Lionel Mark Smith , Johnny Messner , Chris LaCentra , Renato Magno , Mark FitzGerald , Tony Mamet , Clark Gregg , Ron Butler , Steven Culp , Vincent Guastaferro
Director: David Mamet
Country: United States, Germany
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (21583 votes)

Maverick Ranger Scott, known for ruthless, unorthodox methods but good results, is called in to help the secret service after Washington big whig’s brat daughter is abducted while studying at Harvard. Scott quickly realizes the protection detail’s prime suspect, her boyfriend Michael Blake, is innocent and dumped her for being a drug-addicted slut. Next he traces her to a bordello, only to realize the captors didn’t realize who she is but simply recruited her for the Middle Eastern white slavery market, and are likely to dispose of her rather then confront her father. But instead of the support expected in such high-profile case, Scott gets orders to work in secret before the press catches on, and even finds his quest sabotaged. Written by KGF Vissers A “lone wolf” U.S. government secret agent, Scott( Kilmer), is assigned the task of rescuing the kidnapped daughter (Bell) of a high ranking government figure, only to discover along the way a larger, more sinister plot. Written by In the US-government’s special ops, Scott is a shooter, not a planner, doing the job without regard to quaint or obsolete convention. When a Harvard undergrad goes missing (the daughter of a US leader), it’s Scott who applies the pressure, first to her boyfriend, then to a madam whose cathouse is the initial stop en route to a white slavery auction in Dubai. The abductors may not know the girl’s identity, but once they figure it out, she’s doomed. Deadly double crosses force Scott to become a planner. Through it all, earnest TV newscasters read the drivel they’re handed.

Film Review

It is a great pleasure to watch,to experience a classic thriller with such a good presentation of characters as this movie has.The plot seems simple but is actually generous and Val Kilmer does a great job along with the whole cast.I must say that soon after the movie started,i've noticed a familiar atmosphere,details,sensations that i've met before,like i was one of the characters,which,of course,made it more interesting and thrilling.David Mamet once again proves his ability and talent in creating excellent thrillers by placing strong,interesting characters in classic subjects,speaking in terms of scripts,plots.As i was watching the film i felt like i knew things that were going to happen,but in a good way,not like being bored or so.That was because i liked Heist as much as this one.The movie is very good,the director completed his task successfully and the cast is well chosen.Take this movie at home and enjoy it!

The story is intriguing, I would even say spectacular. Stumbled upon this movie and viewed it in mid 2008. Still so good, have watched this at least 6 times on HBO, just because. Val Kilmer is great in his role as special operator, Mr. Scott. And as the scene when the President 1st arrives to access where is "the girl". He ask who he is, someone whispers 2 seconds in his ear..and it is understood, instant respect. The writing/dialog from all the actors are fascinating, so different yet so appropriate for the scenes. Short, to the point, or refers to common phrases, new phrases or slang…"you owe me money..", "you want to gossip or shoot someone"…"set your MF to receive…". Some tactical and weapon related parts of the film, are the reasons I give it a 9. Sniper from boat at beach house, had bolt action…but the shots to pin Scott came out too fast. Last scenes, when Scott was shot, his blood trail went right past guy he shot, why not pickup…

Summary summarizes all!. I had always admired Mr. Mamet's mindful screenplays giving away their secrets like gourmet dishes… until this!… I ,honestly have no reason to believe that any man and woman in uniform shall be spent out so carelessly just to save the rights of a bimbo to blow all the jobs on earth and to cum off age as a posh hooker she's well determined to end up. That sound too much and i wished someone had shown a little respect even on fiction not to spent precious sources for a fart( or tart?) And by the way which naive journalist should rely on bullet proofness of a business jet instead of huge wooden boxes? Which "low key" western expat shall drive a lousy suzuki in dubai where everybody else are cruising in full size sedans? Low key means avoiding attention not begging for…. I hope i could make a just indemnification for the disappointment i have….